To Change Lives with Simple Surgeries
Ship of Smiles is a faith based non-profit 501(c)(3) hospital ship dedicated to those that are in the most need of medical services in our world's most impoverished countries. 

We offer simple, but life changing surgeries such as cleft lip and palate repair, tumor removal, cataract surgery, and orthopedic surgery. 

We bring the world’s best surgeons and volunteers to the world's poorest on our 188’ hospital ship with 2 state of the art operating rooms.

You can help us save lives by praying for our mission, volunteering on our ship or committees, and donating to our ministry.

“These children are born and put out in the garbage to die. Most infants in Haiti born this way do not live as they are either starved to death or put out in the elements. As we have tons of Major Voodoo and it is believed that these children are from the devil. Parents who do try to save their children keep them in hiding. If people knew they had a place to take any child born with birth defects such as clefts, club feet and other deformities, we could save so many more children."

Vanessa Carpenter
Angel Missions Haiti Orphanage
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Help Us Launch!!

"What in the world am I doing on this billboard?"
There are 5 waiting children at the Angel Mission Haiti Orphanage right now depending on this billboard campaign to get the surgery they need. We also need to purchase our hospital ship so that we can offer surgery to thousands more. Please click below to donate.
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